What Are Sugar Ants & How To Kill Them

As we are all aware of it, ants do not hibernate. They keep themselves active the whole year. Whether it is spring or winter your home is never out of ants’ danger. Ants don’t pose any danger but their infesting is something to worry about. As the sugar ants are not at all easy to get rid of. But, there are many ways to remove sugar ants. In this article, we will talk about ways of ant control that will help you to kill sugar ants.

Know about the sugar ants

Before you take any step for organic pest control. Do you need to know what sugar ants are actually? If we say, these ants are small in size & are of black color, they are exclusive all around the world. Many people assume sugar ants as pavement ants. They are totally right, one more species is pharaoh ants.

Both these ant species are very common invaders to home. They are generally attracted to sweet or sugary items. Not only that but also they are attracted to foods that contain fats or protein. If anywhere in your home, they notice or find the food source, their removal will be very tough.

Now, as you know many things about sugar ants. It would be better if you get some knowledge about their types. In this world, many kinds of ants are living. Some live outdoors or some prefer living inside the home. If we talk about outdoor ants then it includes rover ants, or acrobat ants. And, some indoor ants are carpenter, pharaoh, or pavement ants.

You might be thinking that how the above information will help you to do ant control. Well, it will if you will identify the type of sugar ant. Then, you will be able to make a proper plan for its removal. And, ant control will become easier for you.

Ants In Your House
Ants In Your House

Where do they come from?

Generally, they come from outdoors. And, in comparison to other ants, sugar ants have huge smell receptors. They can easily smell sugary food and come inside from cracks or vents. For the infestation of the entire colony, only 1 ant is required to enter. Then, automatically all other colony members will enter by following the traces.

And, they generally make their colonies or nest inside the wall gapping or basements.

How to repel or kill sugar ants?

There are lots of ways available for ant control, let’s discuss some natural ways:

  • To repel sugar ants you can hang garlic in your pantry.
  • For ant control, coffee grounds will also help.
  • Keep your home clean by daily vacuuming, which will help you to do ant control.
  • If you don’t want to do much hustle, then, for killing ants you can use ants bait.
  • For preventing sugar ants, you should always wipe your kitchen areas after every use.


Thus, we have shared some important information related to sugar ants. These can help and make  easier ant control services.